Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Blender for Ice in 2018

May 11

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Blender for Ice in 2018

A nice cool home-made smoothie or a frozen drink is the best thing we all crave for at times, but is your blender up for the challenge of crushing hard ice. Not all blenders are strong enough or does not give the right consistency required for the drink.You have to do the tough job of looking into specifications of the blender and confirm if it is fit to crush ice. Else you might end up burning your appliance and add more headache.So the best thing to do is to check if your blender is up for the job before buying the appliance.

Here are our top five tips to look out for before buying the best blender for ice.

1)High Power Motor

Ice blender should atleast have 600 Watts of power.More powerful it is more assured you can be.If the motors are of higher power and are in industry motor standards then it can be the best buy.

2)BPA Free

The product should primarily be a BPA free product so that we and our family can stay safe from harmful chemicals.If the product does not mention about BPA it is better to avoid the product.


The Product should provide a decent warranty time .It is better to compare the warranty period of different products and take other features into consideration before deciding on the product.

4)Smart Features

The world is moving towards smart.So the product should have a smart features like connecting to mobile , App updates etc to make our lives easier and to be in line with the latest trends and technology.

5)Design and Looks

The Blender should look sleek and stylish rather than looking like coming out of old age.It should also preferably have touch features so that we dont have to deal with button issues.

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